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Randolph AFB, TX Randolph AFB, TX Housing
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Housing Options

Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)
Your BAH can be used to rent on base or live off base. If you live off base, you can either rent or buy. Click the link above for current BAH rates.

On Base Housing ( Rent On-Base )
You can contact the housing office at 210-652-1840. Please keep in mind that there is a process involved in renting on base housing, including wait times. Housing for Randolph Air Force Base is provided by a privatized housing company which provides nearly on base family housing units. Military personnel with Grade E1 or above are qualified for privatized housing. Dormitories are provided for unaccompanied enlisted and officer personnel. The housing office maintains a list of off-post properties showing homes for sale or rent.

Temporary lodging for those on a waiting list is provided by the Randolph Inn. The lodge has over 30 family rooms and has an on-site laundry facility. Pets are not allowed on-site, but sponsors can help with kennel arrangements.

Off Base Single Family Rentals
You can choose to rent off base if you wish. Check our database for available single-family homes.

Apartments for Rent around the Randolph AFB area

Cities around Randolph AFB (Purchase a Home)
The cities around this installation are Schertz, Cibolo, Converse, Universal City, Live Oak, Marion, New Braunfels, Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, China Grove, Garden Ridge, Hollywood Park, Levernia, San Antonio, Seguin, Selma, St. Hedwig, and Windcrest.

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Randolph Air Force Base, part of Joint Base San Antonio, provides flight training and is home to the Air Education and Training Command as well as the Air Force Personnel Center, and the host unit, the 902d Mission Support Group. Current pilot training is conducted in and for several aircraft. Other branches of Armed Forces use Randolph for training including the Marine Corps and Coast Guard. There are several tenant units, including the Air Force Personnel Center, Air Force Manpower Agency, Air Force Recruiting Service, and an Air Force Office of Special Investigations unit.

School arrangements on-campus are small and only a few hundred students are enrolled in the Randolph Air Force Base School. Most off-post high schools have larger capacity with over 4,000 students enrolled. San Antonio offers a wide selection of private schools. Adult educational programs are offered and include testing facilities for SAT and CLEP for college preparatory classes. Financial aid is also available to eligible personnel.

For information on typical rental rates, local attractions, history of the base, rental opportunities, and lots more, check out the Information links on the left of this page. For needed services, check out the service providers on the right side.

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